RFTLYS A1 EL34 Push Pull Vacuum Tube Amplifier

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  • Combined EL34 tube power amplifier  sound details are good and sweet.
  • Bluetooth input function, connected to mobile phones or other players with Bluetooth output function can achieve lossless playback.
  • Adopt pure manual scaffold welding technology, adopt point-to-point full scaffold welding technology with high labor costs and high technological levels.
  • Japanese alps volume potentiometer, all-aluminum metal panel, all-aluminum hand-feeling input, volume knob. The sound is soft, delicate, sleek, and strong, suitable for listening to vocals, strings and other types of music.
  •  The headphone output function has good thrust. If you are afraid of affecting others, you can also use the headphones to listen to beautiful music, and the noise floor is extremely low.


Output Power
35W + 35W (RMS 8 Ohm)
Vacuum Tube
EL34x 4,
12AU7 x 2,
12AX7(center preamp tube) x 1
Power Consumption
260 W
Frequency Response
15Hz - 26KHz
Total Harmonic Distortion:
≤ 1.2% (1KHZ)
Input Sensitivity
290 mV
Input Impedance
100 kohm
Output Impedance
4 ohm, 8 ohm
Headphone Output Impedance
32-300 ohm
89DB (A-weighted)
Power Supply
AC 110-120v or 220-240v/ 50-60HZ
Working Conditions
temperature , humidity: (20%-80%)
340 * 181 * 255 MM
Net Weight
15 KGS