Spotless® 100W Retro-style Integrated Vacuum Tube Amplifier

100W Class AB Integrated
Tube Amplifier

high power 100w per channel
retro-style, dual meter head design
Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection
100% handmade

We designed this vintage-style tube amplifier for people who love sound as much as we do.
We made it to sound this good, just authentic music in every room.

Output Power 2 x 100 Watts
Frequency Response 20 - 20 KHz
THD <1% / 1w 1kHz

RCA x 3

Bluetooth 5.0 x 1

Output Impedance 4-8 OHM
Weight 13.75 KGS
Input Sensitivity 350 mV
Dimensions 230 x 230 x 250 mm

Power of Love & Faith Together

bold and innovative appearance, complex structure have undergone numerous modifications to the design, process, painting, wiring comparison and verification

Customers Say about A1 Tube Amplifier

"It is really attractive and beautiful! Compared to the uniformly shaped pure tube amp machines or the huge transistor machines, this very unique design really appeals to me! The ATC SM7's metal grille, which I originally thought was a bit abrupt, is now in harmony with it. Put songs to listen to the music becomes relaxed, very comfortable, can't wait to test immediately when I get the machine. With the addition of music, the whole tea room smells great ;-)"

by d***9

Jun 29, 2021

"Exquisite workmanship, materials, balanced frequency range, dive comfortable, open sound field, open sound natural, accurate sound position, suitable for listening to jazz, pop, folk, small production of classic, vocal drums particularly pleasing, study bedroom preferred. Thanks to the seller for my custom speaker cable, very suitable."

by b***1

March 25, 2021

"Love it! Very satisfied, the sound quality is clean, full and round. Paired with EVO4.2, great improvement! Much much better than the previous tube machine and 100W pure transistor machine. Shipped to my house in Penang, Malaysia by sea ... packaging protection was great! Shipping, sea freight, customs clearance, home delivery... Everything went smoothly and very fast! Thanks a lot!"

by r***7

March 18, 2021

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About Spotless®

Spotless® is an authentic, simple, approachable, and unpretentious brand of traditional handicrafts.

We believe in sticking to our ideas and original designs and injecting thoughts and emotions into every detail and every product to give it more vitality. We don’t strive for perfection; we strive to hold the nostalgic mood and to interpret the artisanal sentiment of age to the old traditional handicraft works, which remind us how to listen to the years' footprints.

Whether auditory, visual, or tactile, our handicrafts will quietly wait for your heart to approach them, understand them, and feel them.

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