RFTLYS A2 KT88 Push Pull Vacuum Tube Amplifier

판매 가격 가격 $775.00 정가 $795.00 단가  당 

  • New style VU meter
  • Special high selected vacuum power tube
  • Headphone output works for all impedance headphone
  • 12au7 + 12ax7 preamp tube, easy to replace and upgrade
  • Bias value adjustable inside of the amplifier
  • Bluetooth function, easy to connect with your phone or another Bluetooth device
  • Hand made and modulo inside design
  • Tube cover is included
Output Power
35W + 35W (RMS 9 OHM)
Vacuum Tubes
4x RFTLYS or COSSOR KT88 (depend option), 
2x 12AU7, 
1x 12AX7 (center preamp tube)
Power Consumption
Frequency Response
15 Hz - 36 KHz
≤ 1.2% (1KHZ)
Input Sensitivity
290 mV
Input Impedance
100 kohm
Output Impedance
4 ohm, 8 ohm
Headphone Output Impedance
32 - 300 ohm
89 dB (A-weighted)
Power Supply
AC 110-120v or 220-240v/ 50-60HZ
340 x 181 x 255 mm
Net Weight
19 KGS



Tube Amplifier Precautions

1. Tube amp must be connected with speakers before turning ON. Strictly prohibit send signals to the amp without connected loads(speakers) or load short circuit when the switch is ON.

2. Too high or too low power supply voltage does irreversible harm to the amp, preferably less than 5% of the specified voltage. If your mains voltage exceeds this value, often best to use with the AC power supply.

3. Temperature is higher when tube amps working, placing attention to ventilation, cooling.

4. In the boot or just shut down for a period of time (within 30 minutes). Do not spill liquid on the tubes.

5. You should take about 100h time to operate the amp. RUN-IN to the amp gives its best and stable sound. So during the first 100h use time, the sound maybe is not the best, you can also use your own run-in method. 

6. If you do not sure how to plug the tubes, please contact us before try it.

Speakers connection

All tube amplifiers used with stereo mode:  L(left) and R(right) speakers.
Normally there are 6 speaker cable connectors: +8L, +4L, -0L, -0R, +4R, +8R 

Example: +8L and -0L are for connecting with your Left 6-8ohms speaker 
-0R, +4R is for 
connecting with your Right 4ohms speaker