Shanling® EM5 Android Desktop Digital Music Player Streaming DAC AMP

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Android Desktop Digital Music Player Streaming DAC AMP Headphone Amplifier AK4493 chip MQA PCM384 DSD512 Software

EM5 is part of our new desktop line, built around the same streaming player we introduced with the M30.

EM5 was designed as a DAC/AMP for high-end headphones, with a range of different connectors, including balanced XLR and 4.4mm. When combined with a separate power amplifier or active speakers, it can also be used as a DAC and pre-amplifier.

System: Closed Customized Android, with build-in streaming apps
Display: Touch 4.7-inch HD
Power supply: Separated power for analog and digital section
Analog: Low noise Toroidal transformer
Digital: Switching power supply

Analog circuit:
OPA2211 as low pass filter*
2X TPA6120A2 for headphone output
2X Muse8920 for pre-amp output
3rd Generation FPGA
CPAF Filter technology
KDS Crystal oscillator
Panasonic Tantalum capacitors

Headphone Outputs: 6.35mm single ended, 4.4mm & 4pin XLR Balanced
Pre-amp outputs: RCA & XLR Outputs
Digital input: USB, Coaxial, optical, LAN, and external driver USB slot
Digital output: Coaxial & Optical

Output power:
Single ended 6.35mm – 540mW @ 32Ohm
Balanced – 1620mW @ 32Ohm

Wireless connection:
Wifi 2.4 & 5G
Support DLNA and AIrplay
Two-way Bluetooth 4.2, with LDAC support

Audio support:
PCM 32/384
DSD256 native, DSD512 software
8x MQA
*Note: Due to printing error, some units of EM5 show OPA1612 in their diagram. The actual component used is OPA2211

Size: 238*188*55mm